We are here. Even if you can hardly see us. If nobody thinks of us, that means we are doing our job well: We transport electricity for 29 million people and thousands of companies in our network area. We keep the transmission grid stable and secure – and are preparing the way for a sustainable energy system. Read here what we bring to the table – in terms of technical competence, enthusiasm and foresight. And how we are already shaping change in the energy world.

We are here.

So that life can

Amprion's transmission grid carries electricity to 29 million people in an area that extends from Lower Saxony to the Alps. Our power lines are lifelines of society. We keep our network stable and safe – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So the economy never
runs out of energy.

Around a third of Germany's economic output is generated in Amprion's grid area. We maintain our grid in a stable and secure condition so the lights never go out. We're helping industry to decarbonise, and want to play our part in converting green electricity into green hydrogen.

So that renewable energies
reach the people.

Germany wants to become climate-neutral. Amprion is paving the way for a sustainable energy system: we're extending our transmission grid so that power generated from the wind and sun can get safely and reliably to where it’s needed.

For a sustainable energy
system in Europe.

Amprion is a leading transmission system operator in Europe. We perform key overarching operations for Europe's integrated power grid. We want Europe to grow closer together – and its energy system to become more climate-friendly, more reliable and more efficient.

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Who we are

The power grid is similar to the road network. Amprion and three other transmission system operators are responsible for "long-distance traffic" in the German power grid. Our power lines transport electricity in an area from Lower Saxony to the Alps. They are the lifelines of society. They bring more and more electricity from renewable energies to people. We are broadening our strengths to become the next generation transmission system operator. As such, we plan and design the integrated energy system of tomorrow, drive innovations and control the operating system for the energy transition.

Amprion in Figures


the total installed generation capacity in the Amprion grid area.

11000 KM

the total length of power lines that make up the Amprion transmission grid.


the number of people supplied with electricity via the Amprion grid.


the area covered by the Amprion grid, stretching from Lower Saxony down to the Alps.


the number of substations that connect the Amprion grid to power utilities, regional distribution networks and our customers in industry.